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  Hamna Ahmed, Mansoor Ahmed & Rao Ahsan Ali

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Public spaces are political in nature as they serve as an arena for ideological contestation, for the inhabitants. Public spaces are defined by the social activities of the people. These public spaces also symbolize people’s resistance and state’s hegemony and work as a medium where the two comes in contestation with each other. A public space itself is political, manipulated through planning by different power structures and are often used by ruling regime to exhibit its power over space, in this regard the design and planning activity has been reduced to provide fodder for establishing ideological supremacy of the regime.

The researchThe research will identify and analyze the transformation of public space by the regime to surveil and to control public activities through the case study of Greater Iqbal Park, which has diverse qualities of urban public spaces for citizen’s political action, as well by the ruling authorities, discussed with reference to the work of Henri Lefebvre, in order to examine the spatial aspects of the relation between state and society. To understand the spatial characteristics, it is important to understand its transformation which can be due to external forces, these forces can be political, economic systems or social and geographical conditions. •It discusses the value of public spaces as space for meeting and interacting between public and focus on inclusivity of public space.

Keywords: Democracy, Public Spaces, Inclusive Spaces, Urban Social Space, Spatial Politics, Greater Iqbal Park
Volume 33 Issue 1
ISSN (P) 1728-7715 - ISSN (E) 2519-5050
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