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  Humaira Nazir

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With the emergence of the housing problems in Karachi, new housing schemes are being launched on the city’s outskirts. Instead of launching new housing in the suburbs, this research aims to study one of the existing dilapidated areas within the city and considering redevelopment as an alternate to eviction. This research revolves around the qualitative approach that involved surveys of Martin Quarters, focused gathering discussions and on-site meetings with involved stakeholders. A total of 50 respondents were picked using the multistage random sample method.

The analysis is based upon the perception of householders about the revitalization of the area and examining the actual planning of government quarters that aimed to house federal employees in Karachi in the first phase of development of Karachi in 1947-1957 and current planning techniques used by people guided by traditional ways of living.

The paper finds that the land on which Martin Quarters are situated is an expensive land of State that is being wasted due to the low-density settlement and also occupied illegally by many residents. Furthermore, it is improperly planned and growing haphazardly due to the increase in the population of the city and is at risk of decay and chaos.

The paper concludes that the revitalization of Martin Quarters by the government is only a solution to stop the decaying of this area and it will benefit the general masses by enhancing accommodation capacity.


Street Vendors, Local Economic Influencer, Business Safety for Vendors, Planning for Local Economic Development
Volume 32 Issue 1
ISSN (P) 1728-7715 - ISSN (E) 2519-5050
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