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  Mohammad Faruk &
Shayeeka Binte Alam

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Bangladesh, like many more countries around the world came to a halt with the start of COVID-19 pandemic. In order to manage the collapsed education system, different institutions started trying various alternative virtual mediums to reach out scattered students country wide. These included the use of television telecast, radio and communicative platforms like Zoom, Google meet, Google classroom, Facebook and many more. Unlike most subjects, Architectural teaching requires to adapt to a studio-based teaching approach with ‘one to one interaction’ and plenty of ‘on paper drawing exercises’ involving the students and their instructor. The literature review conducted within the scope of this research could not find many studies trying to identify the challenges faced by various architecture schools across the world, although there are studies on education in general during pandemic.

The Department of Architecture at BRAC University is one of the leading architecture schools in Bangladesh. The department has developed a new online teaching learning platform named BuX to continue with its online academic program during Covid 19 pandemic. This paper reports the preliminary findings of a larger research conducted at the department. It aims to evaluate the newly adopted virtual teaching platform for its acceptability among the stakeholder; i.e., the students. The objective of the study was also to assess the adoption rate of virtual classes and to determine the various benefits, challenges, and reasons for non - adoption by the stakeholders. The research takes a mixed method approach supported by extensive literature review and online survey using Google form. Approximately 25% students of the department participated in the survey.

This study can be extended further in collaboration with other architecture schools both in Bangladesh and abroad. This may help the university policymakers and the academics to evaluate the pedagogical strategies for architectural education implemented during the pandemic. Furthermore, it will also help to identify the scopes for developing an appropriate online teaching and learning method for the ‘new normal’ situations.


Architectural Education, Architectural Pedagogy, Bangladesh, BRAC University, Virtual Class.

Volume 32 Issue 1
ISSN (P) 1728-7715 - ISSN (E) 2519-5050
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